Partners and lovers


Autor: Adrián Kertész
Año: 2015
ISBN: 978-987-710-043-3
Páginas: 141

Edición impresa: No tiene
Edición digital: $ 290

Petition: Read this book more than once. First, do it with an attitude of healthy curiosity; so you´ll grasp the basic concepts and techniques depicted. The second time, read it as a scientist would. In other words, don´t buy anything I say, but honestly try and apply it to your own life. Only so it will belong to you. Nothing that passes along our lives leaving us untransformed belongs to us. We may accumulate objects, but cannot do the same with experiences. It is meaningless. I welcome every commentary about any result you may accomplish. I prefer you to refrain yourself fromcontacting me if you didn´t put this book into practice.