World Skate. The new regulation and its conception


Autor: Nicola Genchi (Chairman of Artistic Technical Commission of World Skate)
Adaptación y revisión literaria: Jorge Gómez (UFLO Universidad, Argentina)
Traducción: Nellie Lillie
Año: 2020
ISBN: 978-987-710-109-6
Páginas: 36

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This article presents the background, the conceptual foundation, the developmental process and the scope of the new Judging System that governs competitive artistic roller skating. The previous version left the judges with a high percentage of subjective decision regarding the skaters’ performances, an issue that has been modified with the contribution of technology and generates, as an effect, greater objectivity, so that the athletes and their technical teams. They can plan their presentations, training and competitive participation with greater security in the justice of evaluations and qualifications, allowing other participants in the field to have a precise and universal framework to develop their roles.